"We cannot continue cleaning the world with harmful chemicals."

The traditional mode of action to combat transmission of harmful microorganisms on surfaces is to attack the germs with varying degrees of poisonous chemicals. These poisons are composed of alcohols, bleaches and acids, and are designed to target and destroy a microbe's outer membrane resulting in a “chemical kill”. Antimicrobial biocides are toxic compounds that are harmful to humans, plants and animals.

At microSURE™ we are changing all of this with our new surface protectant technology, which is is both planet friendly and effective. 

 has created a sustainable, long-lasting, chem-free bio protection layer for surfaces & skin.


microSURE™  Products

Our revolutionary new Surface Protectant products can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

Making the World a safer place.

microSURE™ surface technology has been proven to be effective in destroying not only SARS Co-V2 the virus responsible for COVID 19 but also a wide range of other destructive microorganisms as well.

microSURE™ products are different. We have created a surface technology that is beyond the traditional short term chemical approach. When a surface is coated with microSURE™, millions of "invisible" nanoscopic crystalline-like structures begin forming and bonding (with the surface), effectively forming a new surface that is hostile to the cells of a biothreat. This newly mechanically modified surface prevents adhesion, disrupts microbial communication and prohibits colonization, reproduction and proliferation.

Microbes that are unfortunate enough to come in contact with a microSURE™ modified surface, exhaust themselves, wither and die. Unlike traditional disinfectants, microSURE™ stays in place long after you apply it. Apply every 90 Days or earlier if needed.

Surface Durability
microSURE™ Surface Protectant has been proven to be highly durable

Longevity Testing - murine coronavirus - ongoing
Tested against coronavirus - 100% effective over 30 Days
SARS CoV-2 Testing - ongoing
In terms of virucidal activity, microSURE™ is proven to destroy SARS CoV-2 


Hand & Skin Products

Up to 8 Hours ongoing protection for your hands and skin.

When applied to your hands or skin microSURE™ products create a long lasting protectant barrier which destroys a wide range of harmful pathogens including SARS-Co-V2.

microSURE™ HSP our hand & skin protectant is completely free from harmful chemicals, free from alcohol, free from fragrance and is non-toxic. Simply wash your hands with soap and water, dry and then apply.

On the move, then our Dual-action microSURE™ HS hand sanitiser is the perfect solution.

When dry, both products continue to act as a protectant for 6 to 8 hours. To extend this time simply re-apply as needed.




Our new LAUNDRY ADDITIVE with advanced bio-protection for up to 75 commercial washes.

Works with all industrial / domestic machines

Harmful micro-organisms can effortlessly invade various textiles, placing individuals at risk for infection and contamination. By using MicroSURE Antimicrobial Laundry Solution when washing textiles there is a significant decreased risk for bacterial attachment. Studies prove a persistent efficacy that lasts up to 75 commercial washes and beyond. This product has proven to work effectively against harmful pathogens for a long period of time and will help protect individuals from harmful microbes.


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